Friday, November 24, 2006

Genealogy Fiction

I think Thanksgiving is a great genealogical holiday. Afterall, it stresses family, being thankful, memories and recipes that have been passed down. Now that it is over and you may have a few days before you decorate the Christmass tree and buy presents, think about taking a break with a good genealogical mystery book.

Fiona Mountain is a British mystery author who has two genealogical mystery books in paperback, Pale as the Dead and Bloodline. These mysteries include a 28 year old 'ancestor detective', Natasha Blake, who uses original records, archives, family interviews and other genealogical methods to solve murders. Pale as the Dead includes a murder that is linked to a Pre-Raphael model named Lizzie Siddal. The newest book, Bloodline includes some interesting twists that date back to World War II Germany.

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