Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Tube

I always like it when you see genealogy in non-genealogical places. You Tube,, is a good example. You Tube is a website where you can post videos you have created. Videos posted on You Tube run a gamut of educational, weird, etc. But you can even look at genealogy videos on You Tube.

A search on the word 'genealogy' brought up over 1,600 videos. And these aren't just posted by individuals. Allen County Public Library and World Vital Records has posted videos as well. The term 'family history' brought up substantially more videos, over 40,000 but not all of those involve family history. Some just have the word family in the title. A search of the term 'Family History library' brought up a video on discovering Hispanic genealogy buy the Hispanic Genealogy Society of New York.

And don't forget that there is also historical videos on You Tube as well. A search for 'American Civil War' brought up videos and videos of civil war era pictures.

I will warn you that You Tube also has objectionable content so while it has some useful videos for genealogy, I wouldn't allow children to randomly search it.

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