Friday, January 09, 2009

One of my Favorite Cemetery Photos

One of my favorite pictures, well several, have to do with cemeteries. This picture is part of a headstone located in the cemetery in Bunkerville, Nevada. Bunkerville is in between Las Vegas and St. George, Utah. On my way to the Family History Expo last February, I stopped there to take some photos of family connected to my Chatham line.
While you can't see the whole thing, this gravestone is a memorial to Dudley Leavitt and a few of his wives.
What I love about it, is that it includes a life history of him engraved on the stone. His wives also have their histories engraved on the stone. Wouldn't it be fabulous if all our ancestors had this kind of stone? Genealogy would surely be a lot easier! Maybe we should all save our pennies so that we can have a gravestone like this when we die.

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