Sunday, January 11, 2009

One of my Favorite Cemetery Pictures Part 2

I blogged about this headstone a few days ago. Some of my Facebook friends wanted to know more about it. It appears from the gravestone that Mr. Leavitt had 5 wives. This is an early polygamous Mormon pioneer family.
The first photo shows the front of the gravestone which includes the names of each wife, her birth, death and marriage date and the names of her children. The above photo on the right shows the left side of the stone and the photo on the second row shows the complete back side of the whole stone.

The names on the stone are:

Dudley Leavitt, son of Jeremiah and Sarah Sturtevant. (you can read about Dudley on Wikipedia at, he is the ancestor of the former governor of Utah, Mike Leavitt).

Mary Huntsman Leavitt, daughter of James William and Hannah Davis Huntsman.

Thirza Riding, daughter of Christopher L. Riding and Mary Ann Hale Riding.

Mariah Huntsman, daughter of James William and Hannah Davis Huntsman. Sister to Mary above.

Martha Hughes, daughter of James and Ann Picton Hughes.

Jeanette Smith, adopted daughter of Calvin Lazelle and Sarah Fish Smith.

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