Sunday, February 08, 2009

Church Record Sunday: United Church of Christ

The United Church of Christ (UCC)was formed when the Evangelical and Reformed Church as well as the Congregational Christian Churches merged. UCC is a Protestant denomination formed in 1957, so its history is very recent.

The UCC Archives includes documents from 1957 forward. The Archive includes records such as UCC Yearbooks, General Synod Minutes, Executive Council Minutes, UCC Historical Council, written histories of local churches, associations, conferences, and other UCC related ministries. They also work closely with other archives that hold the documents/records of the denominations that formed the UCC. While the actual website does not have any digitized records, you can contact the archives at the address listed on this page,

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Heather Rojo said...

The records of the Congregational Church go way back to Puritan times in Boston. You can find their library, on Beacon Street in Boston right near NEGHS. The website is