Thursday, February 05, 2009

Genealogy and the Hardy Boys

You never now where you can get some genealogical education. I mentioned yesterday that I was reading a Hardy Boys book to my kids. The book, The Arctic Patrol Mystery, explains Scandinavian naming patters. My notes are in parenthesis.

"Hey, what's all this crazy name business in Iceland?" he asked Gummi. "We can't find anybody by the name of Hallbjornson (surname) under H." (in the phone book)

Gummi laughed loudly. "People are listed by their first names in the telephone book," he said, and explained that the last name changed with every generation.

"Take me, for example," he said. "My father's name is Bergs Anderson. That makes my last name Bergsson. If I have a son, he'd be called Gudmundurson, and my daughter Gudmundurdottir. It's a holdover from the ancient Scandinavian. We still use it here."

-The Arctic Patrol Mystery by Franklin W. Dixon, page 51.

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