Monday, February 23, 2009

Is your Family Bible on eBay?

Do you ever search eBay for your family? You should. You just never know when someone is selling your family history. I'll never forget the time I was researching a Civil War ancestor and found out through an online message board that his letters had been on eBay for sale 2 months prior. If only I would have known, I would have tried to acquire them.

Just today I did a search on the term "Family Bible". There were 302 results. Yikes, can you imagine how many people's Family Bible's must go on sale every month? Now, not all of these have genealogical value but on the list I looked at there was one listing that provided the surnames and that there was genealogy inside.

Please go to eBay, set up some search terms. Try your ancestor's hometown and their surname. Try phrases like "Family Bible" "Pictures" "Genealogy" "Family Letters".

Try checking out the Family Bibles blog at, it shows Bibles that are currently up for auction and then has posting about Bibles and family names in them.

You might also want to check out Bible Records Online,, for transcribed Bible records. Other websites that try to reunite Bibles with their owners are Family Bibles Website,; The Bible Archives, Also remember that many individuals and genealogical societies also try to reunite orphan Bibles with their families.

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