Thursday, March 05, 2009

30 Days of Social History Websites

Many of my regular readers are aware that I am posting a link to a different social history website each day for 100 days, on Twitter. I posted the first 20 days on this blog and thought I would go ahead and post the first 30 days here also. I hope some of these help give you ideas about your family history research.

A Pictorial History of Kentucky Coal Mining

France in the Age of Les Miserables

Old Magazines

Sears Archive

What 19th Century Kids Read

Picture This” Depression Era

Agriculture and Farm Machinery

Digital Archive of American Architecture

Car History


Recipe Curio

What did you do in the war Grandma?

The Victorian Era Online

How to Make Moonshine

American Century Project

World War I and II Posters

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

America’s Quilting History

Working in the Lowell Mills

Victorian Calling Cards

Fashion Era

David Rumsey Map Collection

Medieval Technology and American History

National Museum of Funeral History

Past and Present Railroad Job Descriptions

Index of UK Portrait and Studio Photographers 1840-1950

History of Tinker Toys

History of Girl Scout Cookies

History of Furniture

Hairstyle History

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