Friday, March 20, 2009

Today's Tent Cities

Today in the LA Times there was an article about a tent city in Sacramento that you can read at,0,4125317.story. It reminded me of the pictures taken by Dorthea Lange in the 1930's of migrant workers fleeing in the dust bowl.

It's mind boggling that we can live in a country of such wealth and there are people who have to live in tents due to our current economic conditions.

A recent presentation that I was listening to by an author who interviewed quilters who were quilting during the 1930's depression. She commented that in some parts of the country, people did not there was a depression going on because they had always been impoverished. While this could also be said of some people today, both the very poor and the wealthy-there are more and more middle class families suffering from the economic downturn.

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