Sunday, April 19, 2009

Church Record Sunday: The Journal of Presbyterian History

The Journal of Presbyterian History is published by the Presbyterian Historical Society. The Historical Society is a national archive and historical research center located in Pennsylvania. The website sports a section just for family historians,, that explains researching ministers and records. They also have interlibrary loan of microfilmed records available.

You can access the Journal in a few ways. One is by ordering it through the Historical Society website at, Additionally, some of the earlier issues are available at Google Books.

For those not familiar with Google Books, it is a place where you can actually look at digitized books. These books run the gamut of classics and children’s literature, as well as various fiction and non-fiction titles. Some of these titles may be completely digitized so that you can read them online while others have only a certain number of digitized pages, based on copyright restrictions. Searching on the word “genealogy” brought up books like The Source, Genealogy Online for Dummies, and the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Genealogy, just to name a few. Google Books can be found at Search on the name "Journal of Presbyterian History"

The Journal is useful in many ways to the researcher. There are articles about Presbyterian history and individuals. You can view the Table of Contents for the past 10 years of the Journal from their website at Recently, I was researching a non-Presbyterian family who was mentioned in a volume of the Journal because they had sold land to a prominent Presbyterian. I would never had found this information without using Google Books and searching on the family's locality.

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