Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Top 10 Genealogy Websites

Randy from Genea-Musings,, has requested that genealogy bloggers write their Top Ten List of Favorite Genealogy Web Sites. I decided to not go with the usual genealogy websites (Ancestry, Family Search, etc..) since I didn’t want to repeat what others might say. Many of my choices are not necessarily genealogy websites but they are essential to doing genealogy. So here is my Top 10 list.

1. Google Books,, this is a great place to look for digitized family histories, county histories and new books on genealogical techniques.

2. National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC), The place to look for manuscripts. Remember that you are not just researching your ancestor but their locality and neighbors.

3. Death Indexes,, One of Joe Beine’s great web sites. Provides a listing by state of online death indexes, both free and for pay.

4. Find a Grave,, 32 million grave records and counting. You can search cemeteries for graves and sometimes even luck out and find a picture of the grave. Volunteers are continuously adding new cemeteries and burials.

5. Genealogy Today,, genealogy database of names found in diverse records like alumni books, yearbooks, fraternal order records, war ration books, criminal records and more. Other services include Live Roots and Gen Weekly.

6. Heritage Quest, by subscription through a library or the Family History Center. Find everything from census data to digitized books to Revolutionary War records and Freeman Bank records.

7. Utah Digital Newspapers,, a great site for searching digital newspapers from various places in Utah.

8. CalCat,, the California Libraries Catalog. Search by subject, author or keyword. Results will include not just books but periodicals, visual, archive materials and more. Results will provide you with names of libraries where the item can be found and how to cite the item in your bibliography, source list, etc.

9. Online Archive of California,, an index of historical materials from various California libraries, archives and museums. Some are digitized and available online.

10. Genwriters,, Ideas and information to help “bring your family history to life”. Lots of great social history information.

Feel free to add your favorites to your own blog or comment on this blog.

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