Monday, May 04, 2009

Strange Remedies in the Family

Does your family have a strange remedy for just about anything that ails you? I’m not talking about the remedies that are good for you like chicken noodle soup, vitamin C or some herb concoction. I’m talking about things that are a little odd or that may seem like a very bad idea. The remedies that defy logic.

My great grandmother use to say that you should take 2 aspirin and persevere. This could be good advice, unless you couldn’t breathe or were having a heart attack. The father in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding puts Windex on aches and pains. One of the characters uses it to rid himself of a pimple. My grandmother put WD40 on her arthritic elbows. My best friend told me that her father swears by witch hazel. 20 years ago a co-worker told me that her mother would take Vicks, melt it down in a pot and have her drink it. I would definitely not recommend that since it is for external use only.

So what strange remedies run in your family?

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