Sunday, September 27, 2009

Church Record Sunday: Baptist Manuscript Collection

The American Baptist Historical Society Manuscript Collection list can be found at This manuscript collection is housed at the America Baptist Samuel Colgate Historical Library in Rochester, New York. This is a great list that includes journals, correspondence, newspaper clippings, student notes, photographic albums and more.

There is some great vital record information in this manuscript collection including marriage records, deeds, and even some patient records from a physician. Here are some examples I found in the manuscript collection list.

E. R. Clemens (?-1914).
Marriage Licenses 1904-1938. 67 items

John Harvard Castle (1830-1890)
1volume notebook containing a record of marriages performed in Pottsville, PA 1853-1856, Newburgh, NY, 1856-1859, Philadelphia, PA 1859-1873.

Mary Ann Stotesbury Crozer (1836-1918)
Published copy of Mary's will, 1918; photocopies of obituaries, and of newspaper articles about persons contesting the will, 1918-1920

William Edwin Darrow (1864-1939 )
record of marriages performed by Darrow, 1909

Ely, Edward T. Ely, Physician 3 items
Three casebooks of a medical doctor with patient histories, diagnoses, etc., 1878-1882.

Thomas Garder Field (1843-1926)
Book of Baptism Records 1874-1886.

Jonathan Goble (1827-1896)
Scrapbook compiled by Montgomery with information about the First Baptist Church of Coffeyville, Kansas; original poems; biographical/genealogical information about her family, particularly her father, William Anderson Kern.

Joel Henry Greene (1806-1873)
Marriage register, 1831-1867.

Howard Benjamin Grose (1851-1939)
Family papers, including genealogical information; diary and correspondence, 1840-1860

Horatio Gates Jones (1777-1853)
Register of marriages, 1802-1852.

Morgan Jones 1764
Will and Deed.

Samuel Denton Merrick (1815-1910)
Volume of autobiographical notes, 1896; family record of births, deaths, and marriages.

Charles Morton (1798-1874)
Record of marriages performed, 1830-1866

William Richard Patton (1835-1899)
Marriage register 1885-1899.

Roger K Powell. (1914-)
Record of weddings, funerals, and baptisms performed by Powell, 1938-1956.

Timothy Remick (1775-1850)
Certificates of intentions of marriage, 1805-1842

William Shadrach (1804-1890)
Marriage and baptism register

William Henry Spencer (1838-1926)
Marriage records (3 volumes), 1892-1904

Levi B. Steele (1829-1907)
Record of marriages, 1864-1868

Joseph Wanton Taggart (1805-1893)
Marriage register; diaries, 1846-1859


curbow said...

I know this post is old but I wonder if you copied any more information about John Harvard Castle when you were there or if you just made note of what the collection was. I believe he married my GGG grandfather whom I believe is his brother.

Gena Philibert-Ortega said...

I didn't actually visit there. The description under his name in my post says what the entire collection consists of, one notebook. You may want to consult their website to see if that has changed.

You should contact the Library and ask them for more information on that collection. They may be able to do a lookup for you, if not you will need to hire a researcher if the Library is not near you.

Good luck!That would be exciting if you found something.