Friday, October 30, 2009

Memories of Halloween

What was Halloween like when you were a kid? I remember more homemade costumes than store bought ones. We used some imagination when thinking of what we should go as and then once we decided on something we raided our parent's clothes and mom's makeup. We lived in a trailer park when I was young which was always fun at Halloween because the club house would be transformed into a Haunted House and we had tons of houses to trick or treat at. We freely roamed around since we were fairly isolated from busy streets.

The experience of Halloween may differ from one generation to the next but it is a common experience most of us share. My children's experience of Halloween is somewhat different than mine but I'm sure we all have the same goal as children-getting the largest amount of candy! It is an experience that your kids and grandkids would be interested in hearing more about. Wondering what you should write about when doing your life story? Talk about these everyday experiences that your descendants can understand. I would love to hear what my grandmother dressed up as or any traditions she started with her children.

Halloween is a time for decorations, candy, trick or treating, harvest festivals, pumpkin carving, caramel apples and more.

How did you celebrate Halloween as a kid? Maybe there's some kids that would like to hear about your life at their age.

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