Tuesday, January 05, 2010

So You Say You Want a Presentation?

As most of my readers know, I present on genealogical subjects to genealogy/history societies, college classes and conferences. Every year I try to update my presentation and add new presentations as well as rewrite the old.

The following is just a partial list of my presentations for 2010. If you are interested in scheduling me for your group, please email me.

Research Techniques

Little Known State Links for Genealogical Research

Research Like a History Detective

Researching at Libraries

Journals, Store Ledgers and Letters to Aunt Mary: Using Manuscript Collections

Citing Sources

Combining Historical Research with your Genealogy

Increasing your Genealogical Knowledge

California Dreamin'

Institutional Records

Putting Flesh on Your Ancestor's Bones

Citing Sources

Grandpa was in Jail!? Researching the Black Sheep and Other Infamous Relatives

Read All About It: Your Ancestor in the Newspaper.

Elusive Genealogy Sources

Preserving Heirlooms

Female Ancestors

Women’s Work

Remember the Ladies: Finding your Female Ancestors

The Cigar Factory Quilt: Tracing Women’s Lives through Quilts

Church History and Records

19th Century American Religions

Researching LDS Ancestors

American Church Records

Land Records

Your Ancestor’s Real Estate

Using Maps to Find Your Ancestors


Advance your Family History through Social Networking

Finding your Genealogy in Digitized Books

Using Google for your Genealogy

More Google for your Genealogy

100 Internet Sites Every Genealogist Should Know

Social History Websites

Military Records

Researching the Lives of Confederate Soldiers

Cemetery Research

Researching Your Ancestor’s Death

American Cemeteries

Cemeteries of the Eastern Sierra


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