Sunday, February 07, 2010

Church Record Sunday: The Christian and Missionary Alliance Archives

I want to publicly thank blogger Miriam Midkiff (AnceStories, for telling me about this week's Church Record Sunday resource.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance was founded in the latter 19th century by "Rev. A.B. Simpson, a Presbyterian pastor from Canada. Simpson believed that Christ was not only his Savior, but also his Sanctifier, and Healer through dramatic spiritual encounters that changed the direction of his life. Formed as a missionary society and not a denomination, early Alliance congregations were known as “branches” and were made up of members from most major denominations."

The archive located at, provides a variety of online resources including the Alliance Magazine (1882-2006), documents, periodicals, annual reports, timelines and photographs.

If you need more than what is available on their website, their archives is located in Colorado Springs and you can research there or contact the offices for some research assistance.

This is a great website for those who have ancestors who were part of this missionary society. It would be great if more churches followed this example and created online archives for researchers.

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Miriam said...

You are welcome, Gena! I love your Church Record Sunday series. Looking at this archive makes me wish I had ancestors who were a part of this denomination! I agree with you that it would be nice if more churches had online archives, but I also realize that many do not have the funding to digitize their records.