Sunday, February 21, 2010

Church Record Sunday: Some Links

Yesterday I presented to the Ventura County Genealogical Society.  I wanted to provide some links that I talked about that didn't get into the handout here so everyone could see them.

Local Catholic Church and Family History at

Religion & Churches, Cyndi’s List at

Women of Vision, Index of Catholic Nuns in Australia at

In Family Search,,  to find Church Records do a library catalog subject or Keyword search for the name of the religion or do a locality search and then click on Church History or Church Records.

Nu? What’s New? A Jewish Genealogy E-Zine

Beverly Whitaker’s Genealogy Tutor on Church Records

Locating Church Records by Val D. Greenwood

Church Records: Genealogical Clues by Myra Vanderpool Gormley

FamilySearch Wiki has various research topics including German Church Records,; Church Records in Albania,; Ireland Methodist Church Records, and more.  Go to the Wiki ( and use the search engine to find the information about the religion you are researching.

Seventh-day Adventist Obituary Index,

Mountain West Digital Library,


Mennonite Genealogy,


Humling, V. (1995). U.S. Catholic sources: a diocesan research guide. Salt Lake City, Utah: Ancestry.

Warner, M. D. L. W., Munnick, H. D., Beckham, S. D., & Munnick, A. R. (1972). Catholic Church records of the Pacific Northwest. St. Paul, Or: French Prairie Press.

Sperry, Kip (2007). A Guide to Mormon Family History Sources. Utah: My, Incorporated.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy (1994). Genealogical Publishing, Inc.

Berry, Ellen Thomas and Berry, David. Our Quaker Ancestors: Finding them in Quaker Records (2002). Genealogical Publishing Company.

Church Records by Elizabeth Crabtree Wells, In The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy (2006). Ingram Publishing Services.

Vosburgh, Roydon Woodward. Early New York church records; a report and digest of the records transcribed by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 1918 to 1920.


Gayle said...

Great meeting on Saturday. Always enjoy your talks. Thanks for the links.

Gena Philibert Ortega said...


Thanks for you kind words. Your society is always a fun one.