Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the Bookshelf: Finding your Father's War: A Practical Guide to Research

Monday's mail brought with it a book I was looking forward to, to assist me in my research for more information on my family who served in World War II. Finding Your Father's War: A Practical Guide to Researching and Understanding Service in the World War II U.S. Army by Jonathan Gawne is a research guide and history that will help any genealogist researching for WWII era Army service members. This book does not cover the other branches of military service, although you still might find it useful.

There are lots of photos in this book. He goes into a lot of detail and uses photos to show you the different types of insignia that was used and what they meant. He starts of with a history of WWII and explains what it was like to be in the Army.

I have not finished reading this book but it is a great genealogical reference that I think needs more attention. This book's author has written other military histories but what I like about this book is he is sharing information he has learned in researching his own family.

You can read more about the book at Amazon's website, Though you can purchase it at other retailers besides Amazon.

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