Monday, March 08, 2010

Researching Pioneer Women: A Few Links

Today is International Women's Day and we are in the midst of Women's History Month.  It seems like a good time share some links about researching your female ancestors.

The following are some links for researching the pioneer women in your ancestry.

Manuscript Collections and Digital Collections

(Available through Ancestry or Heritage Quest).


Kansas State Historical Society--Large collection of newspapers from throughout the United States, available through interlibrary loan.


Jeffrey, J. R. (1979). Frontier women: the trans-Mississippi West, 1840-1880. American century series. New York: Hill and Wang

Armitage, S. H., & Jameson, E. (1987). The Women's West. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press.

Peavy, L. S., & Smith, U. (1996). Pioneer women: the lives of women on the frontier. New York: Smithmark.

Holmes, K. L., & Duniway, D. (1983). Covered wagon women: diaries & letters from the western trails, 1840-1890. Glendale, Calif: A.H. Clark.

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