Sunday, May 16, 2010

Church Record Sunday: Methodist Circuit Riders

Have a Methodist Circuit Rider in your family tree?  Here are some links that might provide you with some background information about what it was like to be a circuit rider.  Don't forget to check out manuscript collections for records that circuit riders may have left behind.

Early Methodist Circuit Riders and Those Who Followed Them To The "Washitaw" Area And Yo Monroe, Louisiana

Methodist Circuit Riders: Churchmen of the Frontier

The Circuit-Riders in Early American Methodism

The Methodists and Revolutionary American, 1760-1800

The Circuit Rider's Sketch Book

Google Timeline for Methodist Circuit Rider

Into the Wilderness: Circuit Riders Take Religion to the People

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Joan Miller said...

Hi Gena,
I enjoyed these links about the Methodists. I'm learning more about history of Early Methodists in Ireland as part of our family's research. My blog post on the topic is here:

See you at the Jamboree!