Sunday, July 11, 2010

Church Record Sunday: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is a good example of why genealogists need to check out museums for genealogical research. By exploring the links located under the Research link, found on the left hand side of the website page and on the top toolbar, you can explore online exhibits, learn more about the Museum's collections and even ask questions.

By clicking on Search the Collections, you will see a list of the online catalogs you can explore including catalogs for the library, archive and photo archives.  The Holocaust Names List Catalog is a searchable database of Holocaust-related names. However, it is not searchable by the name of an individual. To learn more about using this databases click here.

The Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center has a mission "to ensure that the individual experiences of survivors and victims of the Holocaust and Nazi-era persecution are collected, preserved and disseminated for future generations." In keeping with this mission, the Center collects information about  Holocaust victims and survivors.  On this page of the Museum website you can learn more about the Survivors Registry and the International Tracing Services.

Not sure how to start your research into your Holocaust-era family? Check out the Museum's Frequently Asked Question or check out their Ask A Question page, a virtual reference desk, "intended to help you find information concerning the Holocaust that is not available at your local library."

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