Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Presentation List 2011

I want to publicly thank all the societies and conference organizers that have invited me to speak this year.  I am grateful for the opportunity to speak on a subject I love, genealogy, and share that passion with others.  I am also humbled by the support I continue to receive from the genealogy community. Like most of those who present, my speaking schedule is completed for 2010 and I now look forward to the opportunities that 2011 will bring.

Just some of the topics I have available for presentations are listed below. I have also updated my 2011 schedule here on my blog.

Research Techniques

I LOVE Libraries: Using Libraries for Your Genealogy

Step Away From the Computer: Using Archives, Academic Libraries and Museums for your Research

Journals, Store Ledgers and Letters to Aunt Mary:  Using Manuscript Collections

Citing Sources

Combining Historical Research with your Genealogy

Increasing your Genealogical Knowledge

California Dreamin'

Institutional Records

Putting Flesh on your Ancestor's Bones

Grandpa was in Jail!? Researching the Black Sheep and Other Infamous Relatives

Read All About It: Your Ancestor in the Newspaper.

Elusive Genealogy Sources

Female Ancestors

The Secret Lives of Women: Researching Female Ancestors Using the Sources They Left Behind

Women’s Work

Remember the Ladies: Finding your Female Ancestors

The Cigar Factory Quilt: Tracing Women’s Lives through Quilts

Church History and Records

19th Century American Religions

Researching LDS Ancestors

American Church Records

Where Can You Find Religious Records?


There an App for That?  Apps for Genealogy

Finding Images to Tell the Story of Your Ancestor

Hidden Genealogy Websites

Advance your Family History through Social Networking

Finding your Genealogy in Digitized Books

Using Google for your Genealogy

More Google for your Genealogy

50 Internet Sites Every Genealogist  Should Know

Social History Websites That Bring Your Ancestor’s Story to Life

Cemetery Research

Researching Your Ancestor’s Death

Cemetery Research

Cemeteries of the Eastern Sierra


Joan Miller said...

Gena - you are one busy lady! We'll be at RootsTech so will see you there!

Thomas MacEntee said...

Wow - these are great topics! I wish you much success in 2011 - you are a great presenter and genealogy educator and I know you'll do well!

Gena Philibert Ortega said...

Joan-See you at RootsTech!
Thomas-Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate them.