Saturday, January 15, 2011

Church Record Sunday: Shiloh Presbyterian Church (Indiana)

Religious records can be found in many different locations aside from a church. Don't forget to be on the lookout for books that tell the story of a community as well as those that are histories of a congregation. Books that appear to be  more about  local history may turn out to have some great information.

Take the book, Making a Neighborhood. Speech Delivered at the Shiloh Reunion May 26, 1887 by D. D. Banta (Shiloh, Indiana) digitized on Internet Archive. This book begins as a speech delivered by D.D. Banta but ends with church records that are a valuable resource for anyone with Presbyterian ancestors from this area.

The book includes pages with the names of members of the Shiloh Presbyterian Church.  This table of members includes their name, how they joined the congregation, when they joined, from what congregation they came from, date of dismissal, where they went and death dates. (This list begins on page 39 of the book). A list of infant baptisms follows the membership list. Dates for both lists are limited to the 19th century.

Internet Archive is a valuable resource for digitized books covering genealogy and local history topics.  To search their genealogy section click here.

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