Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Colleen Fitzpatrick Presentation This Saturday

For those who live in Southern California, we have many great opportunities to hear genealogy presentations at societies, libraries, seminars and conferences. This weekend is no exception. This Saturday, Colleen Fitzpatrick will be speaking at the Los Angles Public Library at 2:00pm. You can find details about this presentation as well as Colleen's speaking schedule at her website, Forensic Genealogy.

I have heard Colleen speak many times and not only is she a great presenter but the topics she presents on are fascinating. I first met Colleen many years ago when she had just published her book Forensic Genealogy. I have always loved this book and recommend is to anyone wanting to learn more about analyzing photographs and  thinking like a detective as you research your family history. (Colleen has two other books which are also great). Colleen's approach to forensic genealogy is something that all genealogists can benefit from. I highly respect Colleen and have learned many things from her. One of her best pieces of advice to me was to always be reading.

Looking to learn more about genealogy this weekend? Consider attending Colleen's talk. I know you will be glad you did. You might want to spend the day at the LA Central Library and research before and after Colleen's presentation. They open at 10:00 am and you could research in their fabulous genealogy section, eat at the library cafe and their underground parking is only $1.00 on Saturday.

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