Sunday, October 16, 2011

Church Record Sunday: Panoramio

Panoramio, a Google product,  is a photo sharing  map site that allows users to post photos of events and buildings connected to a specific location. Photos are  placed on a map according to where the photographer was standing when they took the photograph. While not a "church record" it is a place to look for images of the church houses where your family has worshiped.

You can search Panoramio by either specifying a location or using  tag keywords like "church" "temple" or even "cemetery." It's a great way to find photos of places that are too far away for you to visit easily.

Panoramio photos are copyrighted by each individual photographer. If you would like to use the photo in your family history you will need to become a member of Panoramio and then email the photographer and ask permission. Make sure you specify why you want to use the photograph and how you want to use it.

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