Sunday, January 01, 2012

Church Record Sunday: Church Records Toolbox

Church Records Toolbox is a list of links to various denominations on the Family Tree Magazine website. Here you will find the name of the denomination/resource, their  mailing address, phone number and a link to their website.

If you scroll to the end of the list, a link for a printer friendly version is available. You could print the list and keep it in your research binder for future reference or add it to a  virtual research binder in Evernote or other cloud computing application.

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Dawn said...

Thanks, Gena! I didn't know about this and can see it's potential usefulness. Church records can be such an important research avenue. I am currently trying to track down the place of worship for a German Roman Catholic family in the Buffalo, NY area. I found the immigrant buried in the United German & French RC Cemetery in Erie Co. There was a listing of five parishes that bought the original 15 acres for the cemetery. Now to figure out which one the immigrant in question belonged and hunt down the records. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing!