Friday, August 24, 2012

Food Friday: Scripture Cake

In some cases a recipe isn't a recipe for food. Sometimes "recipes" were meant to convey ideas for happier living or even to remind the reader what is most  important. They typically have names like "How to Cook a Husband" or in this example "Recipe for Housekeeping" and "Scripture Cake."

Community cookbooks have long featured non-food recipes including these two from the  1935 cookbook compiled by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Illinois Rural Letter Carriers Association. (I have featured this cookbook previously in  Food Friday: Sandwich Spread. )

Scripture Cake is a recipe many will be familiar with. There are many different versions of this recipe, including one I found on the website Allrecipes and a version I found that was used by one of my favorite authors, Sharyn McCrumb for her book The Rosewood Casket.

I remember reading this recipe as a child. I didn't know anyone who actually made it, it was more about using it as  a way to encourage everyone to look up scriptures to solve the puzzle, or what the true ingredients  are for the cake.

Do you have memories of Scripture Cake?

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