Monday, August 06, 2012

Where in the World: My Presentations for August

August started with some presentations at the Corona Family History Seminar, a great event put on by the Corona Genealogy Society. The month is still young and I have other presentations this month including one that everyone can attend.

August 15: Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree Extension Series. Topic: Women's Work.
This is going to be a great webinar. There's no doubt that tracing female ancestors can be difficult. We make a lot of assumptions about the lives of women, some of which may not be true. In this presentation we will look at the occupations, including volunteer work, women held in 19th century America and what records they left behind. Whether your ancestress was employed or not, the repositories and collections we discuss will help you research your female ancestor. Your ancestress was just a housewife? You might be surprised.

August 17: San Fernando Valley Genealogical Society. Topic: Elusive Genealogy Sources. Oh how I love talking about interesting seldom used sources. Hit a brick wall? Maybe some new sources will help you knock it down.

August 18: Ventura County Genealogical Society. Mini-Seminar: Social History Websites That Bring Your Family History to Life and Finding Images to Tell the Story of Your Ancestor. Come join us for some social history. Plus you can enjoy the beach afterwards!

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