Sunday, December 09, 2012

Church Record Sunday: Library of Congress Online Exhibits

Below  is from a  Church Record Sunday post I did back in 2009. The Library of Congress has several online exhibits available. You can see the list here. In 2009 I spotlighted the exhibit on Jewish Life in America. Other religious related exhibits include The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures, Religion and the Founding of the American Republic, and Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture.

From Haven to Home: 350 Years of Jewish Life in America  is an online exhibit from the  Library of Congress. The home page for this exhibit states,

The exhibition features more than two hundred treasures of American Judaica from the collections of the Library of Congress, augmented by a selection of important loans from other cooperating cultural institutions.

Aside from the history and documents, there is an interactive timeline that begins with Columbus in 1492 and concludes with the year 2004. A bibliography provides examples of further reading materials on the history of Judaism in America. Documents featured in the exhibit can be individually clicked on and read. This is a fascinating historical portrait that sheds light on the life and persecutions of American Jews.

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