Monday, March 11, 2013

Women's History Month 2013:

Resources for Researching Your Female Ancestor, Day # 11

Women’s Research in the Gallery of Images at

I love vintage photos. I always want to know what's the story behind the image and the names of the people pictured. Are you lucky enough to have inherited family photos? If so, you may be curious about how to date them or even just learn more about them. For this task, start your search with's  online gallery includes more than 1000 photos in 60 categories of 19th century photograph topics. Those with common subject matter are grouped together for easy research.  For example,  the groups  WomenWomen’s Fashion, and Family, each of which have multiple categories to browse.

The gallery is research tool for associating a photograph’s characteristic or a personal style with a documented year.  Examples of this are the dress categories such as Hoop Skirts or Bustle, which were popular in certain years.  However, many of the categories were created to help understand the social setting or nature of the era; or even to see some humor in certain photos.

The gallery is a tool to help date old photographs, but just as important many of the pictures give us a glimpse of what  life was like for women, men, and children.

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Mariann Regan said...

This is a great website -- I've copied the link! I always wondered if there was a "basics" site about old photographs, and this looks really helpful. I'm going to tour it as soon as I get a chance. Thanks!