Monday, May 06, 2013

More of What To Do If You Can't Go to NGS 2013

Many people are spending today and tomorrow traveling to Las Vegas where genealogists from all over will descend and take over attend the NGS conference that begins Wednesday.

I blogged last week about the opportunities available if you can't go to NGS. You can refer to that post here. And just like when I pack for a trip, I was bound to forget some things.

Need more to do to get your #NGS2013 fix? Here's two more ideas.

Attend #Genchat

Genchat is a Twitter Chat all about genealogy. Join in as genealogists share experiences, answer questions, and learn from each other. You can either join in on the conversation or just watch.  This Friday's #genchat is special because it will be live from NGS. Follow the conversation at #genchat on Friday at 7pm. Not on Twitter? Check out the transcription after the chat on Storify.

Learn more about #genchat at

The 48 Hour Ephemera Challenge

I love ephemera and so does Caroline Pointer at 4YourFamilyStory. She issues a 48 Hour Ephemera Challenge and genealogists answer the call uncovering the story behind an item. Typically the challenge involves one item but in honor of NGS, ephemera detectives will have the opportunity to research three items, all having to do with Nevada. So whether you watch the challenge or participate, check it out. You can read more about it on Caroline's blog.

And Wait There's More

As a way to recap my presentations at NGS, I will be posting links from the handouts right here on my blog after the presentations. So watch this space during the week for links to help you with your genealogy.

Anything else I missed? Please let me know in the comments below.


Shelley Bishop said...

Thank you, Gena! I look forward to enjoying the NGS conference virtually through your posts and the other resources you've given us.

Mariann Regan said...

Thank you for all these suggestions, Gena! I especially like the links from the handouts being posted. That is wonderful of you.