Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Brother, Can You Spare a Dollar? Please Help Tell The Story of Alice Guy

Have you ever felt passionate about research?

Now I know that sounds odd to some but for most of us genealogists and family historians we can relate with feeling passion for our family history research. We understand the feeling of really liking to research an ancestor who we never met.

Now that idea of research being fun and making you feel like you want to know more isn't something everybody can relate to.

I can tell you personally that I have felt passionate not only about researching my own family history but researching other "dead people" including those whose names are on the signature quilts I own and  the community cookbooks I research.

But I also am passionate about a recent Kickstarter project that I am not involved with any way except supporting the project  and really feeling excited about the research another group has done.

Be Natural is a documentary about the first female director Alice Guy-Blache. Alice did so many remarkable things for her time but, like many women pioneers, she was almost completely forgotten by the film industry. This is a woman whose films were loved by directors like Alfred Hitchcock. She was a ground breaker and led the way for women in the film industry today.

When I watch the clip uploaded to Kickstarter and read the information on Alice I get really excited. I want to know her story. I want to go see the documentary that helps tell her story. Heck, I even want to help research her life.

But there's a problem. While we often think that people in the entertainment industry have access to great gobs of money, that is not always true. People aren't breaking down doors to fund documentaries or documentaries telling the story of  early 20th century female directors that no one has heard of.

That's where we can make a difference. Please check out Alice's story on Kickstarter. Then make a decision to help. Even if it's $1.00 that can make the difference.

As genealogists we know the feeling of helping to tell the story of someone whose life was lost to current generations. Let's help to tell Alice's story so she won't be lost to the future.

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