Sunday, September 22, 2013

Church Record Sunday: Manuscript Collections

Since I'm speaking today at the Sacramento Public Library about using manuscript collections, I thought I would share some of those resources here for Church Record Sunday. What do manuscript collections have to do with church records? Well it's in those manuscript collections archived at libraries, museums, archives and societies that you can find documents pertaining to religious communities and their members.


What are Manuscripts?

Manuscripts are the unpublished papers of an individual or an organization.

Manuscripts may be from a government entity or official, a business, a non-profit group, religious organization, society, institution, membership group, individual, etc. They may be located at a public, private state or university library as well as a county, state or organizations archive or historical, genealogical society or museums.

Examples of manuscripts and other materials housed in archives include thesis/dissertations, correspondence, business documents, writings, scrapbooks, autograph albums, birthday books, ephemera, an author’s research for a book, vital records substitutes, court records, photograph albums, diaries/journals, maps, land records and so much more.

Ways to find manuscript collections and archival collections:

Archives (local, county, state, religious, organizational, etc. 

Societies (historical and genealogical) 

Private, Public and University Libraries


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