Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Join me on Saturday for Women in WWII

What are you doing on Saturday? Why not join me for a webinar hosted by the Southern California Genealogical Society?

I will be presenting on the topic of Women and WWII. The description for this webinar is:

Think your grandma was just a housewife? Historically war brought on new roles for women. Maybe she was a WAC; a WAVE; participated in the Women's Land Army or was a Gold Star Mother. We will look at women's activities during the War including those in the military and those who were left behind on the home front. We'll discuss women's occupations; volunteer groups and organizations. As we explore women's roles we will look at the documents that detail their activities and where they can be found.

I'm excited about this topic and hope you will consider joining me as we look at women and what their lives were like during the War and how you can research your female ancestor's life.

While this webinar is free, you must pre-register because seats are limited. See the SCGS website for more information. 

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