Sunday, March 09, 2014

Telling HerStory 2014 Meets Church Record Sunday: Women and Religion

***Note from Gena: This post is an encore of one for Women's History Month 2013. It's an important work that I felt needed to be spotlighted again. Really one of the books to have to better understand female ancestors and religion.

Sometimes it can be helpful to sit back and read some history when you hit that genealogical brick wall. History and the sources historians use can provide you with insight, new methodologies, and resources.

Since we are looking at resources for researching women this month I wanted to share some a book title that might be helpful to your  research.

Women & Religion in America, Volume 1  deals with the 19th century. Essays in this volume include the topics of revivalism, Utopian movements, nuns in immigrant Catholicism, Jewish women, right to preach, lay women in Protestantism and social reform movements. A snippet view of the book is available at Google Books.

Volume 2 deals with the Colonial and Revolutionary periods. There is also an Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America by the same editors.

Tip: As you read non-fiction, make sure to go take a look at the end notes or footnotes and bibliography, making special note of resources that can help inform your own research.

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Dawn said...

Thanks, Gena! For those of us who love history, it should be a good read :) I have a church history project in the works, too, so this might prompt some things for me.