Monday, March 17, 2014

Telling HerStory 2014: The Quack's Daughter

The Book:

The Quack's Daughter by Greta Nettleton

What's it about:

The author describes this book as a "personal archiving project." From her website: "Cora Keck, a western girl from a scandalous family background, was sent east to Vassar College in the fall of 1884 to elevate her family’s social status. Her improbable educational opportunity at “the first great educational institution for womankind” turned into an enthralling journey of self-discovery as she struggled to meet the high standards in Vassar’s School of Music while trying to shed her reputation as the daughter of a notorious quack and self-made millionaire."

Why you should read it:

Imagine inheriting a trunk of family stuff and in that stuff is photographs, scrapbooks, and other ephemeral delights.Then imagine uncovering fabulous family stories about your female ancestors. While this is my dream, and possibly yours, it was a reality for Greta Nettleton. This book is an example of what you can do with that stuff and how you can research further the lives attached to the heirlooms.

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