Friday, March 20, 2015

Women's History Month 2015 : Lineage and Heritage Societies

Heritage and lineage groups are important to family historians for many reasons. Obviously there is the help and resources they have to assist you in researching your ancestors. But there's also the possibility of publications (databases, books, and magazines) that can provide you information, facts, and stories.

One of my favorite books published by a lineage society  is Heart Throbs of the West by Kate Carter and published by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. This book tells the story of Mormon pioneer women and their legacies. In one story, one of my ancestors talks about migrating to the United States and the circumstances surrounding the death of one of her small children. This interview she gives as an older woman is heart-wrenching and provides me so much more than just her vital record information.

If your ancestor was the member of a lineage society or if they did something that would make you eligible, even if you don't join that group, utilize their resources.

There are many different types of lineage societies out there. Most of us are familiar with the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Mayflower Society or Colonial Dames. But there are many more. One list can be found on the Wikipedia page List of hereditary and lineage organizations .

Seek out those groups and then see what resources they have that can help you tell the story of your female ancestor's life.

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