Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Remembering Titanic

Titanic. State Library of Queensland. Flickr the Commons.
Today is the anniversary of the tragic sinking of Titanic. There's so much available online to help you learn more about those aboard Titanic but I thought I would share just a few resources.

One of my favorite resource  is Encyclopedia Titanica. Lots of great articles and lists.

If you're interested in the women aboard Titanic, check out the books, Titanic: Women and Children First by Judith B Geller; Women of the Titanic Disaster by Sylvia Harbaugh Caldwell; The Titanic: Historiography and Annotated Bibliography by Eugene L. Rasor

I've had the honor of writing about Titanic for the GenealogyBank blog. My articles include Eating on the ‘Titanic’: Massive Quantities of Food on the Menu and Tracing ‘Titanic’ Genealogy: Survivor Passenger Lists & More. GenealogyBank has other Titanic related articles as well.

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