Saturday, March 19, 2016

Women's History Month 2016: Tip #18 Directories Aren't Just For Cities

(c) 2016 Gena Philibert-Ortega
Let's face it. City directories are a great source. They have names, addresses, occupations, and often, clues to a woman's marital status.

So city directories are a fabulous source for genealogy.

But, there are other types of directories that are equally fabulous for researching female ancestors. Have you used any of them? They include:

City Directories
Farm Directories
Social Registers
Church Directories
Alumni Directories
Club Directories
Professional Directories
Telephone Books
Business Directories
Who’s Who of American Women
Community Cookbooks

You can learn more about directories from The Source available on the Ancestry Wiki. Remember that for many different types of directories you'll want to search on digitized book websites and WorldCat.

Want to learn more about using directories for finding female ancestors? Going to Jamboree? I'll be giving a presentation on the topic. Consult the schedule for FR019 I'm in the Book: Researching Women in Directories.

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