Sunday, March 26, 2017

Women's History Month 2017: After the War

We've explored many different roles women took during World War I this Women's History Month. So for this last remaining week I want to explore some of the aftermath of the war. It's my belief that in order to research your female ancestor during the First World War, you need to take a look at her life before and after the war.

What are some of the results of the war? The question of women's citizenship comes up via the fight for suffrage  and the end of derivative citizenship. Women's choices in regards to marriage, in one country, are diminished. And of course, the Roaring '20s is known for temperance, jazz, and a "new" woman.

Additional Resources:
1914 1918 International Encyclopedia of the First World War

The National World War I Museum

British Library - World War One

Library and Archives Canada - First World War

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