Saturday, March 11, 2017

Women's History Month 2017: Groups and Organizations

National Library of Medicine via Flickr the Commons

I've mentioned some of the groups that were around during World War I and what women were doing as part of those groups. As I was reading the book I mentioned yesterday in the Published Sources post, I went through the index and jotted down just some of the women's groups mentioned.

Look in the histories and directories of your ancestor's hometown and see if these groups were part of her community. Maybe she was a member?

Society of Colonial Dames
Navy Comforts Committee
Young Women's Christian Association
Centennial Club
Housewives League
Federation of Women's Clubs
Army Comfort League
American Red Cross
National League for Women's Service
Girls' Patriotic League (National League for Women's Service)
Women's Committee, Council of National Defense
Kiwanis Club
Fatherless Children of France Society
Liberty Loan Campaign
Daughters of the American Revolution
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Council of Jewish Women
The Ladies' Heritage Association
Salvation Army
Equal Suffrage Association
Council of Catholic Women
Circle of King's Daughters
Independent Daughters of  Confederacy
Women's Christian Temperance Union
American Legion Auxiliary

  • What groups were your female ancestors a member of?
  • Consider that multiple generations of women may have belonged to the same group.
  • What home sources (photos, correspondence, ephemera, memorabilia, jewelry) suggest membership in a group or organization?

Additional Resources:
Internet Archive - World War Women (search results)

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