Monday, March 13, 2017

Women's History Month 2017: Where Did She Work?

Library Company of Philadelphia via Flickr

This week I want to concentrate on "women's work" during World War I. We've taken a look at researching employment in the classifieds but do you know what kinds of  jobs women worked during this time? Let's take this week to explore a few examples and where records may be found. 

Do you have a World War I era female ancestor who worked during the war?

  • Have you sent for her Social Security application (If she lived past 1936 and applied for Social Security payments)?
  • Have you searched the newspapers?
  • Have you looked for home sources that might show evidence of work like a photo of her dressed in a uniform or posing with co-workers?
  • Have you searched city directories?

Additional Resources:
FamilySearch Family History Research Wiki- US Social Security Records for Genealogists

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