Monday, March 05, 2018

Women's History Month 2018: State Census

Family historians cut their teeth on the population schedule for the US Federal Census. It's the other schedules and other types of censuses that are less familiar.

Did the state where your female ancestor live, take part in a state census? In many cases they can provide more information than a federal census. Not every state did a territorial or state census but when they did, make sure to spend some time researching them.

The most important part of a state census is that the information they collected provides a snapshot of the family's life in-between federal census years and in some cases can include questions not asked in the decennial census. For example, the 1925 Iowa state census asks what church the person was affiliated with. A question, that for family historians, can lead to additional records.

"Iowa State Census, 1925," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 23 August 2016), Mahaska > Oskaloosa (1st ward-4th ward) > image 127 of 862; Iowa State Historical Department, Des Moines.

Not sure when and if there was a state census for where you are researching? See the US Census Bureau State Censuses page listed in the Resources below or search on the FamilySearch Family History Research Wiki. and FamilySearch have state census collections. You may also find more information on a state historical society website.

Lainhart, Ann S. State Census Records. Baltimore, Md: Genealogical Publishing, 1994.

United States Census Bureau - State Censuses
Includes years for state censuses

Kansas Historical Society - 1855-1940 Kansas Censuses

GenealogyBank - Genealogy 101 #25 The State Census

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