Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tax Records Online

Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.
-- Benjamin Franklin

Just as we dread paying taxes, so too did our ancestors. The good thing for us is that with taxes comes paperwork that can assist you in researching your ancestors. While these lists aren't going to provide you with a lot of detailed information, it will place your ancestor in a certain place in time, thus making it easier to find other documents.

To learn more about the history of American taxation, check out the Tax History Project, This web site includes a virtual museum of tax history covering the years 1660 to present day. Besides tax history you can also peruse the tax returns of the current President and Vice-President of the United States as well as some previous Presidents.
If you are curious about where your tax dollars go, see the graph at . This provides a visual representation of where our tax dollars are spent by the federal government.

In general, when looking for tax lists consult the Family History Library catalog at, the state library or archive, U. S. Genweb,, county sites and other large genealogical databases. The web site Census Finder at, is not only an index of free web sites that include the U. S. Federal census but also sites that feature other types of name lists including tax lists.
The following is a "partial" list of the tax records you can find on the Internet.

1836, 1840-1847, 1885, 1887, 1889, 1907, 1911, 1926 Saline County

1913-1942 Logan County
1920-1943 Moffat County

1891 Williamson County

1847-1850 Louisa County

1799 Henderson County 1823 Lawrence County

1798-1808 Baltimore Tax Index,

1905 Clay County

New York
1800 Erie County
1818 Essex County
1835 Essex County
1872 Essex County

North Carolina
1759 Rowan County
1780 Montgomery County
1779 Montgomery County
1786 Surry County and
1815 Cumberland County
Various years, Perquimans County

1811-1816 Belmont County

1734 Philadelphia County
1753 Lancaster County

1787-1872 Sumner County

1839 Houston

1780 New Kent County
1798 City of Fredericksburg
1813 City of Fredericksburg
1815 City of Fredericksburg

West Virginia
1802-1822 Wood County Tax Lists
1840 Kanawha County


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