Friday, October 09, 2009

Additional Tips for Using Google

Tomorrow I am speaking to the San Diego Genealogy Society about Using Google for your Genealogy.

Google is a great free tool with so many applications. Really talking about Google could be an all day seminar. Google is much more than just a search engine.

Although I sent out the handout for this presentation to the society earlier in the month, the following are some additional thoughts and some websites that might be of interest to other genealogists.


Using Google: Additional Tips


Sign up for Google Account (free) to access all of Google like Gmail, Google Docs, Blogger, etc.

Look at the top toolbar, on the Google homepage, to see all that Google offers and then click on ‘more’ and ‘even more’

Make use of the Advanced Search option to narrow your results, but first try a “broader search” and then narrow it done by using place or date.

Use Google Alerts to search a surname, ancestor’s name, a locality, or a topic.

Use Google Reader to keep track of information in newspapers and blogs.

Go through the ‘even more’ section and see what applications might be of use to you.


Google Your Family Tree

Google Blog

Unofficial Google Blog

Genealogy Search Help Google

Easy Google Genealogy Searcher (Ancestor Search)

Genealogy Gems Podcast

* Lisa has many videos on GenealogyWise and YouTube that explain different ways to use Google.

Google Genealogy Style by Kimberly Powell

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