Saturday, March 01, 2014

Telling HerStory 2014: Fruits of Victory: The Women's Land Army

The Book: Fruits of Victory. The Woman's Land Army of America in the Great War by Elaine F. Weiss

What's it about:

This is a fabulous history of the Woman's Land Army. What was the Women's Land Army?  "From 1917 to 1920 the Women's Land Army brought thousands of city workers, teachers, artists, businesswomen, and college students into rural America to take over the farm work after men were called to wartime service." These women played a vital part in America's history but their service is pretty much forgotten.

Elaine F. Weiss also has a website that is a good resource for learning more about the book and the role that these women played.

Why you should read it:

This book is a good reminder that some of the things are ancestors were part of will never be found in an online computer database. One of my soapbox issues is the importance of libraries, museums, and archives to our research. Checking out those sources will only enhance your research and help you to better know your ancestors. What I love about authors like Weiss is that they do the interviews and archival research that brings these long forgotten aspects of history to us so that we can then use it in our understanding of our family history.

Additional resources:

Want to learn more about the Women's Land Army in World War I and World War II. Check out the following links:

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