Saturday, March 14, 2015

Women's History Month 2015: "Women" as a Keyword

For International Women's Day I posted a tip to use the keyword search on the FamilySearch Catalog to find resources that were about women. Today, I wanted to point out that by browsing or searching for the keyword "women" on other subscription websites you will find  rich resources that would have been missed otherwise during your search.

Go to Then click on Search at the top and then Card Catalog. Now type in the keyword Women.

Some results are not obviously "women-centered" but as you scroll down the various hits, wonderful resources for research become obvious. Consider searching such great finds as:

The records of the American War Mothers (Detroit, Michigan)

Daughters of Utah Pioneers and Their Mothers

Women of Cleveland and their work

The social mirror : a character sketch of the women of Pittsburg and vicinity during the first century of the county's existence

Women and the trades : Pittsburgh, 1907-1908

FindMyPast announced for International Women's Day that they have added some databases to trace female ancestors including: British Women's Royal Air Force Service Records 1918-1920 and British Women's Royal Naval Service Officer Files 1917-1919. You can read more about this announcement on their blog.

So what's the big take-away from this? Don't limit your searches to a name. Explore the website you search for collections that deal with places, events, and organizations.

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