Sunday, January 20, 2008

Genealogy is Everywhere

Genealogy is everywhere. You don’t need to concentrate solely on websites or vendors that advertise specifically that they have genealogical resources. Case in point was my venture to a local hobby store. I went in to buy some items for my kids and ventured over to the book rack. I don’t know about you but I always have to look at books even if they are book I think I would have no interest in.

Well this book rack contained books by Osprey Publishers. Osprey publishes books, “reaching out to the non-specialist reader with an active or spontaneous interest in military history” plus “All (their books) share the Osprey qualities of historical authority and a strongly visual approach”. For more information, see their website at

Well, Osprey publishes books that cover everything from the ancient world down to the Vietnam War. The books I looked at covered different battles from the Civil War and included beautiful color maps and photographs of the people and events that took place. Each contained a detailed but not too technical history. It looks like hobbyists who make dioramas with scale models use these books. They use the books to get information they can then use to make their battle scene.
But these books would be great for any genealogists hoping to learn more about specific battles, plane class, army, etc to help “put flesh on their ancestors bones.”

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