Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cemetery Postcards

I recently had someone email me about her collection of cemetery postcards. She wanted to add to her collection and was asking for donations. I happened to have a postcard of one of the cemeteries at Bodie (now a ghost town in the Eastern Sierra) that I gave her. It got me thinking about websites with digital images of cemetery postcards.

The International Cemetery Postcard Museum,, is not a large collection, there is currently only about 18 images, but it does includes some images of cemetery postcards from various states.

If you want to know more about collecting cemetery postcards, you can check out the website Cemetery Postcards: A Guide to Collecting at

The Cemetery Club website also includes some digital images of cemetery postcards at This is a great website devoted to cemeteries and the webmistress also puts out a great digital magazine.

Vintage Postcards,, has all kinds of old postcards and they are for sale so that you can acquire your favorites.

Well these are just a few ideas. You can also find cemetery postcards at genealogy sites, city history sites and retailers on ebay that have digital copies of cemetery postcards.

It’s funny how time changes people’s view of things. In the early 1900’s it was common to have postcards of cemeteries of state hospitals. Now, people would think you were weird if you sent them a postcard with a cemetery on it. It just shows that you can’t assume of ancestors were just like us-they were a product of their environment just like we are.

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