Monday, December 29, 2008

What I am Reading this Week

I thought I would start a new feature each week and share what I am reading, which is normally some sort of genealogy/history book. This week, I am reading Google your Family Tree by Daniel M. Lynch. Last night I read the first 3 chapters. Now let me say that I give a presentation on using Google so I know a few things about what Google can do for your genealogy.

That said, this is an excellent book. Very clear and comprehensive. I've learned things that I wasn't aware of. I think this book can help you go from being a good researcher to being able to be a more comprehensive researcher. This is a must for all genealogists. I would even recommend it for anyone, not just genealogists, who regularly does any kind of research on Google. (And no, the author isn't paying me-I don't know him-and I didn't get a preview copy;). The first few chapters alone should help you better your overall searching for an ancestor's name. The other thing I like is that it is not a highly technical book but it is highly informational. I would rather drive a nail through my hand than read a computer book but this is easy to read and understand.

So I would recommend you get this book, it might help you slam through a few brick walls.

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